Sunday, June 12, 2011

The "Sky God" and vertical thinking.

This right here is a fantastic post, for several reasons.

But what I really want to focus on is near the ending of it:

...people came to confuse the true and original animating force of the universe with the Sky God, when he finally emerged out of pantheism, simply by virtue of the fact that both are unitary. The Sky God has nothing whatever to do with the animating force and in fact is not even real. It doesn’t exist.
Something Schultz’s post makes clear is that the Sky God is vertical. I’ve always assumed this was a result of an imbalance between feminine and masculine principles in the mythology, but perhaps it’s something else, I honestly don’t know. But wherever the Sky God appears, so too appear massive vertical structures, vertical social hierarchies, and a pathological drive to build society via conquest, thereby enlarging the bottom of the pyramid and pushing those at the top of the hierarchies and buildings up even higher.
Doesn't this sound like Takers? It sure does to me. The social tower of Babel is leaning, Pisa-like, and it's clear by the news that it's about ready to fall.