Sunday, February 13, 2011

An encouraging thought

I'm reading The Story of B again, and I think I have a lot in common with Jared, in that I tend to hold off making conclusions about things for a long time. And that I've pretty much lost my faith a while ago, but I come at it not with a naivete like he did but with a cynicism borne out of being shanked over and over again through the years by people who only thought of me as a disposable tool for their agendas.

I hold off making conclusions to the point of not trusting my gut, which is something I've worked to overcome.

And I'm starting to see where DQ is coming from here, because while Jesus came to save souls from the "world", I'm thinking that B worked to save the world (and us as part of that world) from the depravities of the Taker so-called soul. I wrote the "human" soul at first before I remembered that we are not humanity.

Which is an encouraging thought.