Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy ... what?

So all my friends list is in a uproar about the 99% and the 53% and the 47% and whatever % people want to argue about.

But when I try to get them to explain what the hub-bub is about, they talk about corporations and the Fed and all that.

Apparently the Occupy movement is a bunch of people who are waking up to the fact that something is wrong, sort of like their spiritual progenitors the Hippies did.

The more astute among them think there's a cage somewhere, and that they're in it. The rest are sure all their discomfort is the fault of the corporations for messing things up for everyone else and taking all the goodies for themselves (they can't grasp the idea of a cage yet).

From what I can see, the discussions are about how to make the cage tidier and nicer and so everyone has health care and jobs while in the cage. Or we could build a new cage, one that WE run instead of the corporations! Stuff like that.

No one seems to consider that they could just walk out of the cage and do something else.

(Gasp! What would we do without civilization, with hierarchy and rulers and police! Without totalitarian agriculture? How would we eat? Do you want to go back to the Wild Wild West? The Stone Age?? Think of the children!!!)

But I think that will come someday soon, because there are enough neo-Leavers (or proto-Leavers, in my case) around to point out the bars, which wasn't the situation back in the 60's.