Friday, September 30, 2011

Who are the Leavers, anyway?

I ran across an insightful post just now which did something I hadn't thought of doing: deconstructing exactly who these Leavers are ...

  • live by the Law of Limited Competition; food is freely accessible to all
  • live in the hands of the gods; this is an easy, carefree, and satisfying way of life
  • have a highly evolved social system that works well for humans as they actually are and places limits on disruptive behavior
  • live without devouring the planet; their wealth is giving and getting support
  • see themselves as belonging to the world

... Leavers are people who are both willing and able to live in co-adaptation with each other and the Earth. (Contrast that with the Takers, who are people who insist on controlling and dominating each other and the Earth.)

... Invariably, Leavers have been sharers. Their economic lives are guided by the rule of thumb that says, Take the small stuff, share the big stuff. A hunter who caught a rabbit fed his own family. But a gazelle was shared around. And studies of recent Leaver tribes show people acutely aware of the dangers of power who keep a close eye on how it is used. Many readily available cultural means nip power abuse in the bud.

Amazing. I love it.

And look at this!

It seems that at least some of the "primitive tribes" that have been recorded over the last 200 years or so have been refugees from civilization. Folks who said no to the civilized way of life, took to the hills and evolved their own culture away from takerism. (emphasis mine)

Wow. So it is more than possible, it has already been done. All we have to do is have the courage to start.

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